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If you are interested in working with us, please fill out the form below. It helps us to get the most information from you beforehand.   If you are wanting us to complete your job, from start to finish, we will schedule a FREE SITE VISIT. We will discuss your needs and desires for your landscape and determine what types of features will work best in your space. A detailed quote will be emailed to you within a week of our visit.  

Want to do the work yourself but don't know where to start? Are you just looking for advice or guidance, but aren’t ready to commit to a the purchase of a design and installation? Consider a Garden and Landscape consultation.

Garden & Landscape Consultation: — $125.00 per hour. Minimum 1 hr. 

Our consultation services will guide you through your options and give you suggestions regarding your outdoor spaces.  This service includes a site visit to assess your property and your landscape or garden challenges and provides possible solutions and next steps.  

During our consult we can give you:

  • Answers and solutions to landscape problems

  • Plant identification or recommendations

  • Landscape design ideas

  • Garden advice

  • Guidance for do-it-yourselfers

  • Landscape surveys/assessments

  • Soil tests and soil amendment suggestions

  • Vegetable garden planning

  • Materials selection and sourcing help

  • Weed identification and management suggestions

  • Grading and drainage solutions

  • Money savings maintenance technique suggestions

  • Eco-friendly landscape ideas

This consultation fee can be applied to the cost of a design/install if you choose to use us for a landscape project.

For an additional fee, a written summary of our walk-thru, recommendations and pictures are available to you after the consultation.  


Click here          to see a sample of a consult write up. 

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