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about us...

Rob grew up on a small farm in NJ where he was fortunate enough to have parents who believed in organic farming long before most people had even heard of the term.   Throughout his childhood he was "forced" to do countless hours of gardening chores, but it wasn't until he held many summer landscape jobs during college, that he realized how much he actually enjoyed working outside, caring for plants and properties. The idea that hard work could transform an unsightly mess into an attractive space was a tangible payoff.  
Melissa is a creative designer and planner, as well as a homeschooling mama and a part time cartographer.  Since having children, maintaining a healthy, natural lifestyle for her family was a main priority.  Keeping a chemical free home and yard is among them.  

After 20 years of working for several landscape companies, including one of the largest in the nation, Rob, and his wife, Melissa, decided to start Lewis Natural Landscapes with the aim of delivering a more creative, sustainable, and positive impact on the environment for themselves, their children, and for the good of their community and clients.  While a more natural, sustainable approach to landscaping & gardening can mean more work up front, it absolutely has more long-term benefits.  Less maintenance, less chemicals, more bees and butterflies, and it nourishes and sustains your family, both physically and aesthetically. 
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