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Lewis Natural Landscapes has 20 years of experience designing and installing quality gardens and patios. We specialize in creating sustainable* and eco-friendly spaces that cooperate with nature and serve as friendly habitats for butterflies, birds and pollinators! 
*Sustainable landscaping is a way of designing and maintaining yards, gardens and landscapes in a way that reduces harm to the environment, provides healthier places to live and saves time and money by reducing recurring maintenance costs.
A landscape developed with sustainable practices will improve the environment by conserving resources and reducing the need for chemical applications. A sustainable landscape requires less time to manage and costs less to maintain. 
Not only will your landscape be lower-maintenance, but it will be functional, attractive, and environmentally sound.
We work within all of Central New Jersey, and travel throughout Somerset, Monmouth, Middlesex, Union, and parts of Mercer, Hunterdon, Morris and Ocean Counties.   Call us today for your free quote! 
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